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Are you looking for a more portable and convenient way to recharge your devices using an alternative power source while traveling? Or perhaps you need a long-lasting power bank to supply a hundred percent charge in emergencies?
Then it would help if you considered purchasing the ChargeCard Portable Charger Power Bank.
Technology is ever-evolving and constantly changing dynamically to improve our lives and make living convenient.
Its futuristic design for a phone charger is why it was featured on Good Morning America’s Fall Finds and on Shark Tank. This is a general review of the ChargeCard Portable Phone Charger, its features, and how to use it.

ChargeCard is small
What is ChargeCard Ultra-Thin Charger?

Say hello to the world’s thinnest phone charger. ChargeCard is a super thin and credit card-sized portable phone charger. This charging device by AquaVault is shaped like a credit card or identification card.
ChargeCard Ultra-Thin Charger Portable Charger Power Bank by AquaVault is a mobile phone charger designed to fit easily in your wallet, pocket, and purse. The power bank works on both Android devices and Apple phones.
Plus, the smart ChargeCard is engineered to give you an extra bar with a quick battery charge in emergencies.

ChargeCard Ultra-Thin Charger
How to Use the ChargeCard Ultra-Thin Charger?
Features of ChargeCard Ultra-Thin Charge

When you want to charge your device, remove the casings and change the interchangeable cables. Then, you can plug in any of the cable types available. The micro USB, type-C USB, and lightning port are available to charge your device.
For convenience, you can carry your ChargeCard with your phone while charging. The ChargeCard’s portable size makes it easy to take along on trips, meetings, or the park.

Features of ChargeCard Ultra-Thin Charger:
Portable Size

ChargeCard is small and thin. It can fit into a wallet, pocket, or purse easily. The charger is thicker than a credit card but has similar height and width dimensions, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

ChargeCard is small and thin
Long Lasting Battery Life

After the initial 8-hour battery charge, ChargeCard can last for the day without recharging! So, you can use the ChargeCard to get a 30%- 100% charge at any time of the day.

LED Power Indicator Lights

LED power indicator lights show how much power is left in the power bank. Also, while charging, the lights depict how full your power bank is so that you can take the necessary precautions.

Compatible With All Kinds of Phones

ChargeCard Portable Charger Power Bank by AquaVault is compatible with most mobile smartphones – Apple, Android, or other devices.

Built-in Cables and Chargers (Micro USB and USB C)

Along with the credit card-sized portable power bank, the ChargeCard comes with built-in charging cables – the Micro USB, USB C, and Lightning cables. With these, you can efficiently plug and charge your Apple(iPhone and iPad) and AndroiAndroides during operation.

Using ChargeCard
Speedy Charging Technology

ChargeCard has a built-in battery with a capacity of 2300mAH, 1.5A, which supports its long-lasting battery life and fast charge technology.

Benefits Of Using ChargeCard
Benefits Of Using ChargeCard

If you have second thoughts on why you should purchase and use a ChargeCard, here are some benefits you may find convincing and
●ChargeCard was created with an inbuilt ultra-fast charging technology that quickly charges your mobile device when it runs out of juice.
●Compared to your bulky power bank, ChargeCard reduces the stress of carrying cords and around. It fits smoothly in your pocket or wallet with its super-thin design.
●Highly compatible with different devices and works well with both Android and Apple devices.
●Its portable interchangeable cables save you the worry of having to bother about taking your long charging cables wherever you go!
Fits in your wallet and pocket with ease.

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